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Ideal support of sporting lifestyle

A sports massage is slightly more dynamic than the Zen Your Body massage and is ideal for sports, after sports or as maintenance during regular sports.

Anyone who regularly moves, both the recreational athlete and the one who sports at a higher level, can benefit greatly from sports massage. There are many top athletes who rely on Zen Your Life for their sports massage.

Deep effect on muscle connective tissue

The techniques of sports massage (ironing, kneading and pressure techniques), which are derived from the Swedish massage and the pressure on pressure points, have a deep effect on the muscle connective tissue. Furthermore, the sports massage concentrates on the muscle groups that are used in a particular sport.

Preventing injuries

Rigid or excessively tight muscles increase the risk of injury when exercising. If you regularly have a sports massage, you will not only keep your muscles supple, but also stimulate the blood flow, improve lymphatic drainage and accelerate the removal of lactic acid. Strength, speed and flexibility are increased by a well executed sports massage...

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