Therapeutic massages are aimed at relieving chronic and acute movement and pain complaints. Neck complaints, back pain and headaches are examples of this that can be treated very well. A therapeutic massage is also ideal for loosening muscles and pinched nerves. As a result, severe pains can disappear. It is also very effective for migraine, cellulite and oedema. It is also an ideal massage to relieve stress. 

Our range of massages

  • vofull body massage 'Zen Your Body' : deep and relaxing massage (60 minutes)
  • sportsmassage :more dynamic than a Zen Your Body massage (60 minutes for the whole body or 45 minutes for legs, back and neck)
  • back and neck massage :deep and relaxing massage of the back and neck (30 minutes)
  • hop-stamp massage :very relaxing and sleep-promoting hop-stamp massage (60 minutes)
  • detox :salt stamp massage, a detoxifying massage with Dead Sea Salt (60 minutes)
  • hotstone :very relaxing massage with warm stones (60 minutes)
  • Voetreflexologie: pressure point treatment of the feet (60 minutes)

Whichever treatment you choose, you can count on our full attention, professionalism and products of the best quality.