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LPG Endermology is a treatment that strengthens the skin and stimulates circulation, which will reduce cellulite and improve skin elasticity. Top athletes also use Endermologie for faster recovery, relieve muscle aches, body body smoothness and deep mechanical massage. Endermology is a very reliable treatment that came about in 1986 and still the best non-invasive treatment against cellulite and local fat rolls.

The treatment facilitates production of new collagen, improves skin quality and retards skin aging. Furthermore, blood circulation is stimulated and dehydration is prevented. This gives the face a healthy glow.

Although Endermology is primarily known as cellulite treatment, there are other possibilities: sports (performance improvement, muscle aches, recovery), wellness (smoother body, anti-aging by tissue stimulation, mechanical deep massage), health (optimal blood circulation, heavy legs And lymphatic drainage) and face: Endermology Lift treatment can be applied to the neck, the decolleté, the chin and even around the eyes.

For the treatment of cellulite and / or refinement of the silhouette, the combination of LPG with cryolipolysis or Slimline is definitely recommended!

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