Body movement is one of the three pillars of health and naturopathy. Unfortunately, in our technical society there is something that gets too often in the background, we move too little. Within the movement, three major groups of training can be distinguished: cardio, muscle strength and / or volume and flexibility and coordination.

At Zen Your Life you can attend a number of group classes in Groot Bijgaarden, such as Pilates (Ideal for Strengthening Belly and Back Muscles), Body Firm & Stretch (Local Fat Burn, Muscle Stiffening and Stretching) and Hatha Yoga (the foundation of all yoga shapes ).
Or you can do individual exercises on the vibrating plate (ideal for fasting certain muscle groups or as a diet or anti-cellulite treatment). You can also go for personal training, of both Pilates and general muscle enhancement.



Pilates in a body training course developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. The exercises focus mainly on the lower back, abdominal muscles, pelvis and muscle muscles. In this way, you develop a strong center, which is the basis of proper breathing, good posture and general physical well-being. Pilates is an effective and safe exercise method that anyone can exercise regardless of your age or physical condition. The benefits of Pilates are numerous: good body posture, free breathing, development of strong and smooth muscles around the belt zone with relief or disappearance of back pain. Participants wear loose clothing. Pilates exercises are performed on bare feet.
€45 for one private session
€120 for 10 group sessions

Body Firm & Stretch 
Body Firm & Stretch exercises focus mainly on the arms, abdominal muscles and muscle muscles. The exercises are 2-sided: muscular tightening and stretching, all at the rhythm of music and with a touch of humor.
Long term benefits:
Local muscle strengthening and flexibility.
Maximum reduction of local body fat.
A sense of well-being and mental and physical health.
€45 for one private lesson
€120 for 10 group sessions


individual coaching

  • individual coaching; 

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