Training sessions vibratory plate 

No loss of time, no heavy load

Vibration training is a big development in the sports and medical world. With the Whole Body Vibration you can vibrate your body in shape without wasting time and without heavy strain. Compared to other training methods, this means that you need 80% less time to achieve a result that is 20% to 30% better. 

Numerous advantages

At Zen Your Life we have a Body Coach and offer you private training sessions under supervision. The Body Coach has many advantages for your body:

  • an improved muscle mass and muscle tone
  • better blood circulation
  • catalyst for other body trainings
  • counteracts osteoporosis
  • strengthening of bone tissue
  • Reduced risk of injury due to reduced workload during training
  • less chance of overloading because the Body Coach is adaptable to your physical condition
  • increased endurance and explosiveness
  • anti-cellulitis
  • fat reduction
  • collagen enhancement
  • production of growth hormones and recovery hormones
  • more power by creating testosterone, HGH, IGF -1, ...
  • production of the 'lucky hormones' serotonin and cortisol
  • helps against moisture accumulation and varicose veins
  • provides figure correction, lymphatic drainage and fat burning

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