Zen Your Life  - Groot-Bijgaarden -  Nutrition DECLARATION ON MATCH!

everyone knows: the average Belgian is too fat! But there is a difference between the slender beauty ideal and a healthy weight. There are numerous methods to lose weight, Weight Watchers, protein diet, even a chocolate diet ...

However, in Zen Your Life we choose a healthy nutrition, based on individual differences and needs. So we take into account age, gender, physical activity and blood. So no "one size fits all"!
Do not expect that you will lose weight 5 kg at 2 weeks. What we are striving for is a healthy lifestyle with a healthy weight. Because sustainability pays off!
You may or may not combine with our nutrition with LPG - Endermologie to address, rolls of fat and / or cellulite or with guided exercises on the trip late or even with Pilates to strengthen the muscles. Whatever you choose, you will be personally assisted by our results that are achieved with certainty and you stay motivated fixed.

For a consultation of about 1 hour we ask 45 Euro. For consultations of less than 45 minutes we ask 1 Euro per minute. A food diary with useful tips and recipes is included in the price.

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