Firm skin and better blood circulation

LPG Endermology is a treatment that strengthens the skin and stimulates circulation, which will reduce cellulite and improve the elasticity of the skin. Also top athletes use Endermology for a faster recovery, relief of muscle aches, keeping the body supple and as a deep mechanical massage. 

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Although Endermology is mainly known as cellulite treatment, there are also other possibilities: sport (performance improvement, muscle aches, recovery), wellness (more supple body, anti-aging by stimulation of the tissue, mechanical deep massage), health (optimal blood circulation, heavy legs and lymphatic drainage) and face. 

Endermology Lift treatment can be applied to the neck, chin and even around the eyes.

To treat cellulite and/or refine the figure, the combination of LPG with          cryo-lipolyse or Slimline

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