Zen Your Life -  Groot-Bijgaarden - Ilse Lindemans Ilse Lindemans in 1994 graduated at the KULeuven degree in motor rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
Afterwards she specialized in sports rehabilitation and manual therapy.
Ilse has now been 12 years and successful practice Vlezenbeek.
In all these years is the hair that more and more complaints cause of stress, overload, poor posture, lack of exercise and body awareness.
Hence they followed aromatherapy, reflexology, all kinds of therapeutic massages ... some refresher
So she can approach her patients in addition to a "symptomatic treatment" in a total concept of health, relaxation and general well-being.

Ilse Lindemans can go for LPG Endermologie, targeted exercises on the vibration platform, cellulite treatments, massages (therapeutic and relaxation massages), foot reflexology, body and facial treatments, Pilates and all spa rituals.

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