Zen Your Life  - Groot-Bijgaarden -  Hotstone the name says it all, a hot stone massage, a hot stone massage. The Incas, Indians, Chinese and many other cultures used this form of massage for centuries to prevent and treat diseases and disorders. We work with basalt stones, which the heat energy and maintain long and slowly to the body. The stones were placed on including acupuncture points and energy points and ironed on the meridians, the energy of body and mind in harmony was brought.

To relax stones are laid on you to get used to the heat the body.

Then the body rubbed with oil to slide over the skin. Stones good
The combination of heat and massage your muscles are massaged other than just the hands. This massage lasts an hour.
A hot stone massage contributes to the self-healing of the body, stimulates organs and circulatory system and contributes to detoxification. Ideal for stress, tension, blockages, rheumatism, arthritis, poor circulation ... or pure to enjoy!

Price : 65 Euro

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