Nutritional advice for tailor-made slimming

Everyone knows: the average person is too heavy! However, there is a difference between the slender ideal of beauty and a healthy weight. There are many ways to lose weight, but what suits you best?

Healthy food according to the cooking principle of Pascale Naessens

The method of Pascale Naessens is simple: you eat as much as you want, but the most important thing is the right combinations! No more swollen stomachs, bloating, more energy and weight loss. It is a very healthy method, a true philosophy of life!

Protein diet using PRO10PHARMA

Do you need quick results to motivate yourself? Maybe a protein diet is your thing.

The diet itself is divided into four phases, the first two of which cause weight loss and the last two ensure the lasting character of the result:

Phase 1 : strict phase

This is the strictest phase and is characterised by a diet based mainly on the intake of protein-rich products and vegetables. 

Phase 2 : mixed phase

This phase differs from the first phase by replacing one meal with protein supplements with a meal with natural proteins. 

Phase 3 : build-up phase

Again, one meal with protein supplements is omitted for the benefit of a normal, healthy meal. 

Phase 4 : stabilisation phase

In the last phase, in addition to a normal, healthy and balanced diet, one more protein supplement should be taken.

Personal Coaching

Overweight, lack of energy, painful back, shoulder, neck, not satisfied with your figure... We will gladly help you. In a 10-week programme, we will guide you personally with nutritional advice, personalized exercises and complementary therapies. 

Together, we set realistic goals and follow them up, week after week... 
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