Wellness Lichaamsverzorgingen

Natuurlijk is een massage een vorm van lichaamsverzorging, maar in dit segment willen we een stapje verder gaan. Soms heeft onze huid het nodig, bvb vlak voor of vlak na een zonnige vakantie. Of tijdens en vlak na een zwangerschap. Of nog, tijdens perioden van hormonale schommelingen, waar de huid het zwaar te verduren heeft. Of gun je huid gewoon een ware opknapbeurt omdat je er zin in hebt! Wij bieden scrubs aan, pakkings en hydraterende en voedende verzorgingen, al naargelang uw behoeften.


As a woman, especially when you have been pregnant, the area of ​​the bust and belly deserves special attention. The skin is being tested by pregnancies, reducing the elasticity and it is not so evident to keep this area pretty tight. A regular peeling and care mask is therefore highly recommended if you like a beautiful skin.


Cleaning of bust, décolleté and abdomen, followed by a peeling and a nutritious mask. We round off with efflorages of this zone with a moisturizing butter.
This care takes about 45 minutes.


If you ever suffer from acne on your back, or do you just find it hard to handle your own back, this is the ideal care for you. With mud of the Dead Sea and a scrub of Dead sea salt, your skin becomes very deeply clean and again silky. Highly recommended when you leave on vacation and look forward to a beautiful tanned back.


Packing of the back with mud of the Dead Sea. Scrub of the back with Dead sea salt. Massage of the back with mineral butter from the Dead Sea.
This treatement takes about 45 minutes.


A silky skin, which is subtly perfumed with a delicious scent of choice: let the temptation begin. Depending on your skin type, we choose a softer or more powerful scrub, but always 100% of course, after which you proceed to a body massage with fragrant oil.


Complete body scrub with oil and sugar, salt or coconut depending on the desired intensity and skin type. Full body massage with deliciously scented oil.

This  treatement takes about 60 minutes.

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