A fully equiped wellness center only for you ... Beautifully decorated, in a modern African style that exudes warmth and tranquility, a true feast for the eyes. The private spa Zen Your Life was built with exclusive materials of top quality and in accordance with the law Vlarem II.

You can choose between numerous packages: basic (2h30), breakfast, lunch, bubbles, chocolate, brunch (5h), dinner (candlelight: 6h), full day (9 to 5) or evening night (lala shalama). We also offer programs tailored to the customer! By appointment only!

All our packages include:
Dressing room, experience shower, hammam, Finnish sauna with light therapy (outdoor), cool-down (outdoor), duo whirlpool (filled with fresh water every booking), IR therapy, lounge and relaxation (indoor and outdoor), outdoor heated pool (inox infinity pool), duo massage room...
Aromatic water for sauna, aromasalt for whirlpool, scrub salt of the Dead Sea with fragrant argan oil, shampoo, hair balm, shower gel, body milk and moisturizing day cream
Coffee (Nespresso), rich assortment of tea, water and fresh citrus (ideal after a sauna session!)
Including towels and bathrobe!

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